Live Streaming

Live Streaming Classes

Please get in touch if you haven't already received my email for a link to join session via Zoom app

you will need smart phone/desktop/laptop/tablet

with a built in microphone and camera

you will be able to see me and I will be able to see you

and we can communicate using microphone or keyboard

Whilst I welcome new yogis, anyone participating in the sessions who has not been coming regularly to face to face class must fill in a new health questionnaire by email and have a 5 minute chat with me via Zoom before they can join in. (This is a requirement of my governing body The British Wheel of Yoga and of my insurers). Preferably this would be at least the day before the session you plan to join. Please contact me to receive a questionnaire and set up a date and time for a short Zoom meeting. So sorry but these livestream classes are not suitable for new participants who are pregnant or over 75 years or under 18 years old.

My governing body The British Wheel of Yoga and my insurers also stipulate that your entry to class has to be by a private invite. Therefore you will need to contact me for each session you wish to attend to get the invite to that specific session. Please don't leave this to the last minute or I may not be able to reply in time with your link to class.

To get the most out of your session please make sure you turn the lights on; if you are in twilight it makes it rather difficult for me to see you.

Please do experiment with how you place your mat with regard to the device your are using- having the camera at a slight angle to your mat gives me the best chance of being able to see you both when you're at front of mat and sideways on to mat and in standing/sitting/lying.

Charges as per class costs tab but for anyone in financial hardship all sessions will continue to be free