International Yoga Day

IYD 2021

Free online and hall sessions Tues 15, Thurs 17 and Fri 18 June

Tuesday's weather co-operated and we were in Scout Hall garden,

Thursday online and Friday in Scout Hall,

always great to share yoga in any environment!

IYD 2020

Wonderful to share free online yoga practice

Tuesday 16, Thursday 18 and Friday 19 June 2020.

Hopefully not long now until we return to glorious garden

IYD 2019

Vegan food and free yoga shared on Tuesday 18,

Thursday 20 and Friday 21 June 2019. The weather

did not allow us to use the garden this year but the

opportunity to try different tastes and experiences

for omnivores and vegans

I YD 2018

To celebrate International Yoga Day 2018 all classes

Tuesday 19, Thursday 20 and Friday 21st June

2018 were free and held in the Scout Hall garden.

Seeds,cuttings and plants from gardens,balconies

and windowboxes were shared as seeds of

change/hope/connection/strength with our fellow


No-one left empty handed (apart from those who

wanted to.) The weather was wonderful.

To share our yoga practice with yogis around the

world was humbling, inspiring and an amazing

celebration of all the good yoga can bring.

IYD 2017

This year we shared the fruits of our yoga in line

with the theme for this years International Day of

Yoga- Yoga for Health

Free yoga sessions were held on Tuesday 20,

Thursday 22 and Friday 23rd June 2017

Everyone brought a piece of fruit and took home a

different piece of fruit brought by a fellow yogi.

Fruits shared included pomegranates, passionfruit,

gooseberries, spinach, walnuts, pecans, almonds,

hazelnuts, brazil nuts, raisins, apples, grapes,

physalis, pineapple, oranges and strawberries.

Sharing fruit symbolised the joy and sweetness of

yoga with the added benefit of directly contributing

to each others health and well being

Congratulations to Maxine on her one year

veganniversary- Maxine went vegan on

International Yoga Day 2016 and remains vegan on

International Yoga Day 2017!

International Yoga Day 2016

Thank you to everyone who joined my free yoga

classes on Tues June 21st, Thurs 23rd & Fri 24th

2016 the weather wasn't so kind and we only got

out in to the garden during Fridays session but it

was wonderful to know we were sharing yoga

practise worldwide.

I'd asked everyone to write down what they'd

noticed had changed in their bodies/minds as a

result of their yoga practise with me-see below- a

heart felt thank you to everyone for sharing your


Harriet trained nurse currently working as a barista in a coffee shop

Physically increased flexibility especially in my hips.

Increased upper body strength

Mentallly; I also practise mindfulness and this

combination of yoga, prayer and meditation is

central to my emotional and spiritual well being. I

now practice yoga as a connection with my

spirituality. Ginny creates a conducive atmosphere

for this

Yoga with Ginny is life enhancing if you enter with

an open heart and mind.


I am more in tune with my body and mind so I can

recognise when I need to do some yoga at home. My

flexibility and strength has increased and I really

notice if I miss a class that I need to do some yoga to

balance things out in my body or calm my mind

Victoria Flood (Vicky) Army Officer

I have been able to control my nerves better prior to

doing something I find nerve wracking i.e. a

presentation at work. I use the breathing and

thinking of sitting tall and strong and also of the four

sayings ‘may I…’I love it when I’m able to attend

Lynne Stenner Health Visitor

Stronger, greater flexibility, Calmer more positive ‘I

can do it’ thinking, less fearful, happier, more

grounded, slower to get stressed

Thank you Ginny . Your classes have literally

changed my life for the better.

V P Horner (Vee) Retired

Body strength, balance, good wellbeing. Makes

more aware of diet etc. Enjoy classes weekly

reminder of calm

Debby Lecturer

Physically I developed severe back pain (for the first

time in my life). It was yoga exercises appropriate for

the condition that helped me to recover. More

effective than medication.

Emotionally/mentally; I have been able to find true

inner peace. I can tap into this at times of severe

stress and anxiety. This has had positive effects on

all aspects of emotional and mental health.

Amazing yoga teacher-thanks Ginny!

Maxine Childminder

Ginny talked about moving and stretching your

body in a way that it would not normally go and also

having this apply to your mind and thinking-giving

me not only a body more comfortable with

movements but also giving me the confidence to try

new things in my life and work.

I find it hard to put into words just how much I have

class that I enjoy all the way through, never clock

watching or wishing it would end (as I have felt in

other exercise classes) a pleasure through and


Gin Publican

Physically/mentally it has given me the confidence

over time to try new things as my body has slowly

got stronger. All the tension in my shoulders/neck

has gone. My lower back is much improved.

I find that if I miss more than one week pain returns.

It is vital in winter months especially to have this

type of yoga to help me maintain flexibility.

Ginny is a fantastic tutor. Her wealth of knowledge

is amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Karen Associate Lecturer and Designer

There is a little more consciousness in my self, my

breathing and more awareness of others. I now take

a little time everyday to consider my breathing. I

think of myself in relation to the world a little more

Ginny saying no matter what there is always time to


Sue Retired Teacher

Yoga keeps my ageing body going! I am more aware

of how it feels and can do movements to loosen up

tense, achey areas. I am more supple than I have

been for years. Emotionally I am calmer, less

anxious, more able to just go with the flow. Also I

sleep really well after a yoga session.

Thank you Ginny for your interesting, sometimes

challenging but always enjoyable sessions.

Helen O’Sullivan Teacher

I walk with my shoulders back and I am more aware

of my stance. I can easily touch the floor and feel

much more flexible. I sleep better after a yoga

session. I never find yoga easy though! When Ginny

says an easy stretch it hurts!! I wish I had

discovered yoga earlier. Thanks to my yogi friend

Emma for dragging me along!

Heike Carer

Sleep has become very deep and restful after

evening Yoga with Ginny. Sometimes I feel irritated

or restless the day after which I take as being closer

to sentiments I’m otherwise not necessarily aware

of so clearly. There have been nights following

classes with dreams of a different quality. Yoga

sessions with Ginny have refreshed and continue to

feed an interest in yoga, physical and emotional

being and all things happening inside the body

Jan Crabtree Art and Design Teacher

Regained a lot of flexibility of both mind and body-

had been telling myself I couldn’t do stuff, beating

myself up etc. Then doing the mindful mantra may I

be happy etc allowed me to appreciate myself again.

Have become more supple and strong. I am

combating arthritis which slowly inhibits and

causes pain but I am sure is less aggressive due to

my sessions weekly into the calm zone.

Many thanks for your positive approach, your well

thought out structured lesson which build on our

physical abilities and also allow us to extend our

knowledge of yoga and the path its taken to each

and every one of us

Pippa Gardener and Outdoor Play Practitioner

Beautiful Ginny who holds a space to allow each

session to be with the body in every yoga pose. I

have gained courage because I am invited not

pushed and strength because of this courage which

allows me to explore new depths

I do find I carry happiness, wellbeing, peace and

ease, thank you Ginny

Claire D Translator

I’ve discovered I breathe at a different rate to other

people (slower!?)Tuesday evenings have improved

a lot. I’m learning about chakras.

In general …yoga saved my life when I was a stay at

home Mum and has improved my health ever since

(15 years and counting)

CW Pastoral Manager

I feel more toned and my core strength has

improved. I use the relaxation techniques to help me

to settle to sleep at night. I have learnt to be more

mindful and appreciate the here and now.

Thank you Ginny for your kind and gentle approach.

Catharine Stay at Home Mum

Physically more flexible and feel lighter less

hunched up. Enjoy greater movement range.

Mentally more consistent with less severe mood

swings. One of the reasons I do yoga is to combat

depression and try to maintain consistent mental


Vicki Registrar/ Carer/ Mother

I have found that by practising yoga it has really

helped to calm my mind and loosen tightness in my

body. It leaves me feeling very much at peace,

facilitating a good night’s sleep. The day following

yoga is always a positive one.

Yoga has been and will continue to be a perfect

complementary aspect to a busy life

First International Yoga Day 2015

The first United Nations designated International

Yoga Day International Day of Yoga was held on

21st June 2015.

The chosen day is the summer equinox- longest day

of the year for those of us in the Northern

Hemisphere; lots of time to enjoy yoga!

Thank you to everyone who joined with my

celebrations at my free yoga classes on Tues 23rd,

Thurs 25th & Fri 26th June 2015.

I was also celebrating my 5 year anniversary of

teaching yoga in Devizes (my first yoga home was

the Devizes Quaker Meeting House).

The weather allowed all three classes to be held in

the Scout Hall garden. Yay!